UAB „RKJ Grupė“ is buying various cultures: rapeseed, wheat, barley, beans, triticale, etc.


UAB „RKJ Grupė“ Agricultural Products Purchase Price List

Price list No. RKJ 2017/08/01

Date: 08 August 2017

Price list is valid from 08-Aug-2017 until next update of price list.

Culture Quality Purchase price(net weight), EUR/t (without VAT)
Wheat Ekstra Proteins>14%,
kind>78 kg/hl, fall>270s,
other according LST
1524:2003 1-ai kl.
Wheat I class LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 LT 150
Wheat II class LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 LT 142
Wheat III class LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 LT 132
Wheat IV class LST 1524:2003/2K:2014 LT 123
Barley I ir II class LST 1797:2003 113
Rye I class LST 1580:2003
Rye II class LST 1580:2003
Triticale LST 1948:2004 103
Beans  180
Rapseed LST 1323:2006 355

Note: For grain with furiosis from 0,4% to 5%., price is reduced by 15 Eur . Grain with fusariosis over 5% will not be purchased.

*The company reserves the right to change the price in accordance with seperate agreement.